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Feedback Interactif offers state-of-the-art, simultaneous interpretation solutions for the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.

Installed in soundproof cabins, our interpreters translate the message in the language of your choice, in a clear and instantaneous way. Participants have access to the transmission of the message through their headphones and follow the presentation in real time. Thus, the message is instantly understood by all, and the meaning of the words communicated by the presenters is just as much!

Simultaneous translation can be done in cabin, by mobile transmitter or whispered. If the translation is addressed to a person or two, the whispered method can be considered. If your group is on the move, translation by mobile transmitter is recommended. However, the most suitable option for larger groups is cabin translation.

We offer you two types of receivers:

  1. Ideal for meetings with sensitive content, the infrared receiver offers excellent sound quality as well as a confined wave in the room.
  2. The FM receiver, on the other hand, is an economical solution to offer your listeners a good quality signal.