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Smart interaction

Smart interaction: an innovation signed Feedback Interactif

Newly arrived in the Feedback Interactif family, smart interaction is a solution entirely designed by our specialists to respond to a need expressed by our clientele.

The smart interaction system, also called LAB™ (Live Audience Brainstorm), works using electronic tablets or smart phones linked via an internal network to a computer (server) that manages the data. This smart device offers great communication flexibility to participants who can send their questions, comments and suggestions in real time to a person acting as the moderator, who can edit, block or distribute the messages received on a giant screen or any other media.

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Feedback Interactif listens closely and builds solutions that respond to your needs in communication and data gathering.

There are many reasons for using a smart interaction system:

Can be adapted to the company needs and combined with the electronic voting system.


Encourages an active participation and stimulates conversations around a topic or a problem.


Allows participants to express themselves without embarrassment and confidentially.


Eliminates paper compiling and data entry.

Increase the response rate

Increases participation in comparison to email or paper surveys.

Increase listening

Promotes active listening and facilitates the retention of content.

What are the different options offered by our smart interaction solutions?

The choices are unlimited because contrary to the voting system that offers surveys with a choice of responses, this solution offers much more flexibility. Tell us about your ideas and needs, and our specialists will put their expertise to the profit of making a success of your event.