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Interactive voting

Dynamic events thanks to electronic voting

Suitable for all types of corporate events, each of our interactive voting solutions, including Audience Response System and live audience polling, uses a wireless box to create a unique group dynamic regardless of the number of participants. Our electronic voting units ensure a continuous interaction between the various players, thus promoting a better understanding and a more effective retention of the content.

Our 2 000 electronic voting units in rental allow you to reach large-scale results guarantors of your success.

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Electronic voting brings interaction at the heart of all exchanges and at the service of today’s companies.

Votation Intéractive
There are several reasons for using an interactive voting system:

Make your presentations more dynamic by allowing the audience to participate actively.


Allow participants to compete against their peers.

Increase the response rate

Increase active participation.

Increase listening

Promote active listening and facilitate retention of the content.

Promote team spirit

Challenge participants through group activities.


Simplify the data compiling process.

Here are the different options offered by our interactive voting devices:
  • Survey of any kind
  • Multi-choice (ex: election vote)
  • Priority vote: participants can select multiple answers on a same question, but votes will not have the same weight. The first choice is more important than the second, and so on.
  • Comparative vote
  • Possibility to cross reference data (source, age group, work position, etc.)
  • Decision making
  • Possibility of weighting the voting units (shareholders’ meeting): ex: unit 1 = 100 votes, unit 2 = 15 votes, unit 3 = 50 votes, etc.
  • Interactive quiz
  • Compiling votes from different locations
  • Compiling results from the event appreciation survey
  • Real time compilation
  • Respect for the confidentiality and anonymity of participants
  • User-friendly for participants
  • Audience Response System
  • Live audience polling
Did you know that :

Since 2007, Feedback Interactif is the company selected by Caisse Desjardins across Quebec and Ontario to handle the legal votes during their annual general meetings.

The solution was subjected to a complete analysis from the Fédération des Caisses Desjardins to ensure its compliance. With a fleet of 2000 voting units, Feedback Interactif holds the largest rental inventory in Canada and can offer more than advantageous rates for events involving a high number of participants.